Copyediting & Proofreading

You've done the hard work & now let's refine!

Once you have done the hard work of planning & writing your story, we help you refine & identify any possible format inconsistencies or legal liabilities, correct language & grammar mistakes, and do a deep dive into your story consistency to ensure that you put the best possible version of your story out there for the world to read. This is done through two types of editing – Copyediting & Proofreading.

Are you in the Copyediting phase?

Copyediting is the intense in-depth revision of the written work, usually an early phase of editing done by our two editors, this includes revising:

Or in the Proofreading phase?

Proofreading is the last check before publishing or submitting written work, this is usually done after copyediting changes are implemented, it includes:

How do you benefit?

“​​We edit your words, your writing, your sentences and paragraphs... but never your voice." 

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