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Books are our passion & helping you is our mission.

Hi! Carol & Candice here from Cactus Buzz. We are so happy that you have made it onto our site.

Cactus Buzz was formulated out of our mutual love of books and a combined background in business, social media marketing and public relations.


We had been offering our services informally for a while, but then realised that there was a great need for someone to not only provide this support service but to also be a definitive crutch for Indie Authors – it can be a very uncertain and lost space to be in! So we up skilled ourselves where necessary and set out on a journey to create a place where self-publishers can rely on us for editing, design, marketing, assistance and advisory support.

Connected by more than books


“Envision, create, and believe in your own universe, and the universe will form around you.”

— Tony Hsieh


My passion for reading started many at a younger age urged on by the need to escape into the fantasy world created by others.  Living into the lives of the characters, becoming empathically touched with their emotions and just enjoying learning of another place and time.  That’s what storytelling is ultimately all about!


However over time and many years in the communications industry I have become a little obsessed with the English language and it’s painful to come across the countless written errors that just flaunt themselves openly all over the media.  The rush is on in our everyday lives and I strongly believe it just takes that once off read from an independent source to quickly pick up on those mistakes.  This is where I trust my skills can make the difference to your hard worked script.  


Releasing your words out there needs to be accurate so that your story is well-told, enjoyed and appreciated.   

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I have a house full of books and a brain full of ideas. Through my background in Public Relations & Branding, my goal is give self-publishing a fighting chance to stand out above the noise. 


I have seen traditionally published authors that don’t even have a functionally website to learn more about them or to see what other books they have available. 


Believe it or not but this saddens me – and yes mostly you can do all the marketing things for yourself like build a website or design a book cover, but why not have someone with the insider knowledge to do it for you?


I want your readers or target audience to immediately identify anything that goes out to the World Wide Web to be YOURS. 

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