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Our ultimate business passion runs profoundly in the support for aspiring self-publishing authors with a scope of quality services offered, ranging from proofreading, copyediting, beta reading and design covers – citing just a few.  Our assurance to stand by your creative script throughout its journey to final publication and launch is what we base our value-added business ethics on.  


Creating individualised unique and effective buzz campaigns specifically tailored to your creative domain. We will expand and generate public awareness and ignite attention on creatives from readers far and wide.


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Through our services we aim to provide you with the finest version of your manuscript as well as equip you with the tools & resources that will set you up for success. Whether you write on the side or full-time, we are here to help and guide you through the complex world of self-publishing. Our team has experience working on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many more platforms. 

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Working with Candice and Carol has been immensely helpful in getting my indie-author career off the ground. As a complete newbie to the process of self-publishing, Candice’s knowledge and ideas to help get me started was paramount in achieving the release my debut novel, Learning Italian.  Carol was quick and efficient on the editing side of things and the website Candice set up for me is working out extremely well, not only to manage but to also navigate.  The covers have been eye-catching and attractive to readers and I’ve learnt so much from all of their experience.  Candice has been able to answer my never-ending questions and always responds positively and with patience.  I would recommend them to other aspiring authors.

Taylor K. Scott

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